October 18th, 2023


The world of technology is on the brink of a revolution, and it’s time for companies and enterprises to prepare for a seismic shift in the way we think about data security. The advent of quantum computing, with its potential to subvert public-key cryptographic systems, presents a looming threat. Companies have approximately 8 years, until 2031, to ensure their systems are quantum-safe. This article explores why quantum-safe computing is crucial and how an expert like Altus Technologies Corporation can assist in this time-critical endeavor.

The Quantum Computing Threat

Quantum computing, a technology based on the principles of quantum mechanics, has the potential to revolutionize computing power. Unlike classical computers, quantum computers leverage qubits to perform computations, which can exponentially increase their processing capabilities. While this is exciting for a variety of applications, it’s also a serious concern for cybersecurity.

One of the most significant challenges posed by quantum computing is its ability to break widely used public-key cryptographic systems. Public-key cryptography underpins the security of many digital transactions, including e-commerce, banking, and secure communication. Current encryption algorithms, such as RSA and ECC, rely on the difficulty of factoring large numbers or solving discrete logarithm problems, which can be accomplished more efficiently with quantum computers.

In particular, Shor’s algorithm, developed by mathematician Peter Shor, has the potential to factor large numbers exponentially faster than the best-known classical algorithms. This means that many of the encryption methods we use today will be rendered vulnerable to quantum attacks in the near future.

The Urgency of Quantum-Safe Computing

With quantum computing advancing at an unprecedented pace, the urgency to implement quantum-safe computing solutions cannot be overstated. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) initiated a competition to develop post-quantum cryptographic standards, but it’s essential for companies to take proactive measures.

By 2031, it is predicted that quantum computers capable of breaking current encryption standards will become a reality. This means that any data protected by current encryption methods will be at risk. To ensure data security and business continuity, companies must start the transition to quantum-safe solutions now.

A Trusted Complex Project Expert

Altus Technologies Corporation is renowned for its extensive experience and expertise in managing complex technology projects. They have a proven history of providing robust security solutions for businesses across various industries.


The 5-Step Quantum-Ready Project

  1. Discover:

Altus Technologies Corporation begins by helping companies discover the scope of their quantum vulnerability. Through thorough assessments and audits, they identify potential weak points in existing cryptographic systems, determining which areas of the organization are most at risk from quantum attacks.

  1. Assess:

Once the vulnerabilities are discovered, Altus conducts a comprehensive assessment of the existing security infrastructure. They evaluate the encryption methods and cryptographic systems in use, assess the resilience to quantum attacks, and determine the level of quantum readiness or quantum resistance required.

  1. Categorize:

After identifying and assessing the vulnerabilities, Altus Technologies categorizes them based on their criticality and impact on the organization. This step prioritizes the security measures required for different parts of the business and helps allocate resources effectively.

  1. Determine:

Altus Technologies Corporation then collaborates closely with the client to determine the most appropriate quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms and security solutions. Their deep expertise in security and complex projects that span silos ensures that the chosen measures are robust and in alignment with the organization’s specific needs and industry standards.  Recommended NIST solutions and other industry technologies are assigned to the categories.

  1. Plan & Implement:

With a clear understanding of the vulnerabilities, priorities, and chosen quantum-safe measures, Altus Technologies Corporation helps the company develop a tailored plan for implementation. This phase encompasses the design, testing, and deployment of quantum-resistant security solutions while ensuring minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.



The clock is ticking, and by 2031, quantum computing may have the potential to compromise data security on an unprecedented scale. This is not a lot of time considering the scale of this kind of technical project.  Companies and enterprises must act now to transition to quantum-safe computing solutions.

Altus Technologies Corporation stands out as the trusted expert to guide companies through the challenging journey of becoming quantum ready. With their wealth of experience in managing complex technology projects and their dedication to staying ahead of technical challenges, Altus Technologies provides a 5-step Quantum-Ready Project framework that ensures corporate data security in the age of quantum computing.

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