November 11, 2020

Before embarking on the journey of a data center migration project, many companies need to answer some basic IT logistics questions in order to prevent false starts with their migration project. Those basic questions include:

  • How long will this data center migration take?
  • What will this project cost overall?
  • What items or issues in the IT environment should be addressed BEFORE starting the data center migration?
  • What things appear to be in good shape as we start this project?
  • How ready are our various technology teams to do the actual data center migration? (Network, Compute, Storage, Security, etc.)
  • How ready are our application teams?
  • What other projects, goals and business plans will possibly impact the data center migration project?
  • Who are the stakeholders that should be involved?
  • Are there any external vendor implications?

Based upon the answers to these questions,  a proper path to beginning a data center migration project will begin to emerge.

Data Migration Road Map to Success

Altus Technologies Corporation has developed a “Data Center Migration Road Map” to help you prepare for your upcoming migration project. Using our templates and our many years of experience, we can make sure that each of these questions above (and more!) are answered, and that a correct strategy is developed to allow a smooth start to your migration project.

Stop Light Chart - Altus gets you to "green" so that your data center migration is a success with no red lights!


Using a process of interviews and GAP analysis techniques, we will provide a comprehensive Road Map report and strategy. Altus will also look at each area that will be involved or affected by your data center migration and include not only a “Red/Yellow/Green” ranking, but details to know concerning which tasks need to be completed for a total “Green” start for your migration project.

Contact Altus and we can discuss how we can perform this valuable service in order to make your data center migration more successful with far fewer headaches. Learn more about our data center migration expertise while you are here and let us help your business transform for the 21st century! Finally, visit our Case Studies section to learn how we have successfully aided numerous clients and companies in multiple industries with data center migrations, relocations and other vital data center services as a trusted partner.