July 23, 2016

In our many years of working with customers while executing Data Center Migrations and Data Center Relocations as well as mergers and acquisitions, we have discovered that when a project team does not say what they mean (and then mean what they say!), it makes organizing, planning and executing the project much more difficult.    Not being sure of what is being conveyed can also confuse the technicians, the business stakeholders and the executives – and add more risk to an already risky undertaking.

In this type of project we have heard many, many terms:  “Waves,”  “Application Bundles,”  “System Affinity Groups” and many other phrases.    What do they all mean?   Many can be synonyms for the same concepts.   So what is the best way to approach this problem?

Define Your IT & Tech Language

Make sure when you begin a Data Center Migration type of project,  that you help your teams understand the terms you will be using throughout the life of the project.   This cuts down on confusion and misunderstanding and will make sure everyone is on the same proverbial “page.”

Several years ago, Altus Technologies Corporation defined a set of terms which maps to our data center move method very well and which has been adopted (and renamed) in various forms by other service providers.   The following page explains a few of the most important terms – learn Data Center Migration Terminology.

If you would like a quick assessment of your migration approach, or would like help with your upcoming data center project, please contact us. Read case studies on how Altus has assisted other businesses with their data center needs.

When it comes to managing risk in large, complex data center projects,  we speak your language.