More and more IT departments are evaluating cloud-based solutions for many of the services provided to the business. As mentioned by Gartner, Hybrid IT is upon us today and Data Center planners need to lead this effort. Hybrid IT and Bimodal Data Centers are a reality.

In this new world, some IT Services begin life in the Cloud while others will need to be evaluated to see if legacy applications should be migrated there.

The problem that IT is faced with involves the process used to determine the application candidates that would be best suited for this type of unique migration.  This is the problem of “Workload Placement“.

Altus has a defined method by which we can assist customers with cataloging and defining the “Services” that IT provides, documents the components and architecture and then works through the details for categorizing the services in such a way as to allow effective migration to the cloud for those services that are best suited for the cloud. And who better to assist in the actual migration? Altus Technologies Corporation.