Data Center Relocation & Consolidation

There are many business and technical reasons enterprises embark on a Data Center Relocation or Consolidation. Among them are space and power constraints, cost reduction post-merger, desired enhancements to security and facilities, tech advancements at certain facilities, data center location and more.

A data center relocation will move your entire IT data center from one facility to another (to your own facility or to a colocation facility).

A data center consolidation will reduce the number of IT data centers based upon your needs.

Altus’ relocation specialists will provide technical expertise and hands-on service regardless of your needs.

Data Center Relocation & Consolidation risks are mitigated by Altus’ phased approach and our many years of IT experience as data center relocation specialists across the USA - image

Data Center Relocation & Consolidation risks are mitigated by Altus’ phased approach and many years of IT experience

Altus Offers Data Center Relocation & Consolidation Services for IT Transitions

Delhaize America data center consolidation provided by Altus Technologies Corporation

Regardless of the reason for your need to relocate or consolidate your data center(s), our data center relocation specialists have you covered. We know from experience that every data center relocation requires much more careful planning than what’s first expected – even if the target data center is just 700 yards away! We’re here to lend our expertise so that your move is successful, with as few complications as possible.

Allow us to assist you by leveraging our expertise with IT relocations & consolidations for your infrastructure, IT systems and applications transition. Our Workload Placement Strategy and Move Method have been vetted and enhanced continuously since our start in 1996, and are documented and often imitated. We have deep IT knowledge on successful techniques and the approaches to avoid with data centers and we bypass the common pitfalls that less-experienced data center consultants often encounter. This yields peace of mind and solid risk mitigation for your project.

When failure is not an option – the Altus experience counts.

Learn How Altus Helped National City Bank with Their Data Center Relocation

NCB had to move & merge the IT workload of an acquired bank into NCB’s current IT operations over a single 3-day weekend, with minimal impact on their customer base. Learn how Altus’ data center relocation consultants delivered a successful transition.

Learn How Altus Data Center Relocation Consultants Helped National City Bank with Their Data Center Relocation - image

Our Approach

The Altus method for data center relocation follows a phased project structure:

  • Roadmap
  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Execution
The Altus method follows a phased project structure to control for errors and our data center relocation specialists practice it rigorously - image


Phase 0


The Roadmap is used to give clients guidance on how to proceed and undertake their data center relocation project, and to highlight areas in need of remediation in order to facilitate generating high project satisfaction with the end result.

The Roadmap is also used to determine the Workload Placement (target) for a data center relocation to a new facility. This can be a new datacenter IT infrastructure build, a move to an existing datacenter, a colocation datacenter, or a data center in the Cloud.


Phase 1


The Discovery Phase focuses on understanding what is moving and what requirements need to be met during and after the data center relocation project. Discovery reviews various relocation strategies and determines which ones should be deployed for this particular relocation.

What makes Altus’ method unique from our competitors is that we use a two-pass method in the discovery phase. First, we employ a “server centric” pass on your environment. Then we employ an “application centric” look at the environment. These two views are then correlated and any discrepancies between the two will result in a deeper investigation into the specific application or server that caused the discrepancy. The final output is a blend of application and server dependencies.


Phase 2


The Planning Phase is based on a planning methodology where three levels of plans are created. A data center relocation or consolidation is a very complex project – the complexity does not come from a technology perspective, however, as most would assume, but rather from an activity coordination point of view. All the activities executed during the relocation project have related effects, which must be isolated from impacting business processes.

Our planning approach begins with a high-level transition plan, which determines how the relocation will progress from a strategic level. The key element of the transition plan defines which technologies will be used for the transition to the target environment. The key elements of this plan determine the order in which things will migrate, on what dates they will migrate (what we call the Move Event schedule), and what the size of the “relocation window” will be, based on what your users have told us that they can tolerate.


Phase 3


The Execution Phase is where Altus assigns resources to execute the data center relocation plan developed in the Planning Phase, trains the professionals in completing their assigned tasks, and finalizes any timing requirements. The key element in the Execution Phase is to ensure that all participants in the data center relocation or consolidation understand their role and responsibilities. We also make sure we have contingency plans ready should things not go according to plan.

Altus Offers a Free Data Center Relocation Checklist

Altus provides a free planning checklist that will help to guide your relocation efforts strategically. Leave no stone unturned (or server unplugged) in your data center relocation project!

Discover the Altus Advantages for Data Center Relocation & Consolidation Projects

Altus Technologies - home of data center consultants specializing in data center migration & relocation services since 1996.

When your company partners with Altus for a data center relocation or consolidation project, you get data center consultants in-business since 1996 with a wealth of IT experience behind us. We are system architects, software & network engineers, mainframe system programmers, UNIX administrators, project managers, and proactive professionals who treat each client Move with care and rigorous attention to detail.

  • Specialists in Data Center Relocations, Migrations, Consolidations, Workload Placements – this is our sole industry focus.
  • Gartner-endorsed and “short-listed” for data center migrations
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction – every previous client is a reference customer
  • Brand Agnostics – unlike OEM companies (IBM, EMC), we do not push a particular KIND of equipment.  Altus moves what you have.
  • Pioneers of the Three-Phase Approach which every company uses today
  • Smaller, Efficient, Agile – we use fewer consultants for your engagement than the “Big Boys” AND provide continuity (the same team) from start to finish.
  • Proven Track Record with large companies & corporations as diverse as Nationwide Insurance, Kindred Healthcare, Delhaize America and the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Competitive pricing, stellar reputation

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