In the 21st century, EPA mandates as well as socially & eco-conscious boards and consumers are demanding more transparency and conscientious stewardship in the use of energy and resources in all areas of industry. Considering the number of data centers being built today, responsible usage of power is a trenchant concern.

The good news is that there are many tactics and options for the viable use of “green” technologies & strategies that will allow businesses to save money while protecting the environment. Below are several usage options that an Altus consultant can discuss with you in greater detail.

  • Measure & monitor PUE (power usage effectiveness) as often as possible. If you’re working with a colocation provider, make sure you ask them questions about their power utilization efficiency and carbon footprint.
  • Minimizing power conversions from AC to DC and back again can optimize your energy usage. This requires better design and equipment in your data center but the results are worth it for your profits and the environment in the long run.
  • Believe it or not, it’s simply not true that data centers need to be kept cold. Temperatures can be as high as 80° F in the cold aisle of your DC and still operate efficiently. THAT saves money and energy on cooling costs. Managing the thermostat pays off big time.
  • The concept of “free cooling” is a valuable energy conservation strategy. Why use mechanical cooling systems when you can tap into the cold air outside your facility (in cold climates) or evaporate water for cooling effects?
  • Carbon-spending offset via the planting of trees at your facility, holding meetings via the Internet to save on travel costs, and the use of energy-saving lighting and appliances also makes a difference.
  • Manage the air flow in your data center. Keeping hot-air and cold-air sections of the DC separate can make a big difference in energy usage as well. This can be done more easily than imagined.

There are many techniques that can be applied to make a data center more environmentally-friendly in terms of power usage. Altus IT consultants can help you plan and develop these strategies through our power analysis service. Contact Us today to get started on your “greener” DC for a better tomorrow.