An untested “Disaster Recovery Plan” must not be considered sufficient. Only by stressing the system and testing real-world scenarios will reveal if it is likely to work. Testing and repeat testing until your minimum business survivability applications are running is the only way to make sure you will be properly protected in the event of an actual disaster. We know disaster recovery and how to test properly.

Altus used its extensive expertise and experience to create a groundbreaking tool called “Elemental DR“.

Elemental DR is a Disaster Recovery test tracking tool. It helps you manage the hardware, applications and validations needed to successfully complete a DR test. Using this tool will assist companies to manage the DR inventories (outsourced or insourced) and the applications/people/contacts and results. Elemental DR provides a web-based tracking dashboard that will delight executive management and end-users participating in the event.

  • Manages inventories of hardware
  • Manages inventories of applications
  • Manages lists of users and validation steps
  • Manages overall DR test timeline and cleanup
  • Provides audit trails and reports
  • Provides a “readiness” dashboard for users
  • Provides a management overview dashboard
  • Web based
  • Also supports full featured client
  • Windows, Mac, iOS (iPad, iPhone)

A view to the right of a dashboard in our Elemental DR tool for tracking disaster recovery tests.