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Disasters interrupt business. They can be as large as a global or regional disaster, or something as seemingly insignificant as burnt popcorn or leaking plumbing that causes personnel evacuation and perhaps, damage to IT systems.

Having Disaster Recovery plans that are tested regularly are important – but a more proactive approach are steps you can take for actual Disaster Avoidance.  With disaster avoidance planning and strategies, effects on a company’s technology systems are minimized as much as possible in the event of a disaster. This helps to ensure the continued functioning of IT infrastructure in the event of an emergency, or the speedy recovery of IT functions if a shutdown does occur.

Disaster Avoidance is part of a comprehensive overall data center strategy which involves “Business Continuity Management.” Let us show you how.

You can learn more about the necessity and vital importance of disaster avoidance strategies for your data center, as well as gauge where your IT teams stand, via a series of questions contained within our blog post here. Don’t become the next data loss horror story!

Please Contact Us to get started with Altus or to request more information – especially if you find yourself unable to answer the questions mentioned above that are contained in the linked blog post. Please see all the current data center services offered by Altus consultants while you are visiting our website – including relevant solutions like data center security, workload placement strategy, and disaster recovery testing.

Data center disaster avoidance planning from Altus

Minimize disastrous IT impacts to your business through Data Center Disaster Avoidance strategies from Altus


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