As long as organizations treat their physical and cyber domains as separate, there is little hope of securing either one. The convergence of cyber and physical security has already occurred at the technical level. It is long overdue at the organizational level. – FedTech Magazine

It may never have occurred to you, but physical security and logical (cyber or network security) for data centers have long been connected, albeit not linked together appropriately. Physical security (surveillance video, mantrap vestibules, security zones with sensor alarms, scan-or-swipe ID badges) all rely on computer systems to operate, and these digital systems are susceptible to cyber attacks. Meanwhile, logical or networked cybersecurity protocols (firewalls, anti-virus programs, intrusion prevention/detection programs) all rely on the physical components of IT – from monitors and routers to cables and servers – to operate, and if these physical components are available to unwanted parties, they can be used to gain access to IT systems, data centers and more.

The separation between physical and cybersecurity systems can be so vast that staff for these disparate units may never have worked together. Can someone say “weak link in the chain” here?

Altus can help. Our information technology consultants will conduct independent audits on your physical and logical security systems, exposing gaps in your IT armor as well as devising synergistic solutions that will reduce costs, streamline management and advance your IT security to its maximum.

IT Security integration and convergence is the 21st century best practice that progressive businesses are making a reality. Contact Us today to learn more or to request assistance from Altus.