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Data center security services from Altus include both physical and logical security deliverables and consultation. We have been assisting companies and enterprises since 1996 with data center consultations such as data center security consulting to keep the flow of information going strong. and securely.

Physical and logical data center security services by Altus

In the rapidly changing world of technology where the reliability and safety of your business data is increasingly important, data center security is growing more and more critical as well. With the continuing explosion of online information-sharing platforms and eCommerce activities, combined with increased attacks from hackers both near and far AND the game-changing evolution of work-from-home scenarios due to the coronavirus pandemic, cyber-security for data centers is more vital now than at any other time in history. Altus offers data center security consulting & consultants to help strengthen the defenses that protect precious data from hackers, thieves and ‘bad actors.’

Venerable Gartner Research has even released a report on Security and Risk Management Trends that companies and enterprises must address as they pursue digital business transformation post-COVID. Issues such as remote work, cyber-security products consolidation, Identity-First security and Cyber-Security Mesh are all discussed. Data centers and the wealth of data and SaaS applications that they store and manage are absolutely essential in today’s Cloud-based business world – keeping these functional storehouses secure and uncompromised is a non-ending practice.

Our teams have years of experience in security analysis and implementation, having successfully planned and implemented both physical and logical data center security for some of the region and nation’s largest firms.

Physical security for data centers involves what the business-side of most companies would think of as security protocols. This analysis and implementation involves measures such as access card-keys, proximity sensors, and biometrics security.

Altus will analyze your physical data center security and provide a strategy and implementation plan surrounding each of these question areas:
  • What are the requirements for your industry (best practices and correct level of security)?
  • What is the best process combined with technology (card key/sensors/biometrics, etc.) that would fit your requirements?
  • What details, logs and reports should be produced and kept for auditing purposes and what should be pruned to meet legal requirements?
  • Are your current systems and processes all working well?
  • How do you blend your current processes with those of an outsourced data center such as a Colo?

Logical security for data centers involves what IT professionals understand to be the tactics and strategies that keep your data safe: perimeters, application firewalls, wireless access points, 2FA, etc.

Altus will analyze your logical data center security and provide a strategy and implementation plan surrounding each of these question areas:  
  • Should separate zones, racks and other security be added to existing room-access security?
  • How is your network segmented to prevent one breach from exposing the entire network?
  • Where are application firewalls best utilized in addition to perimeter firewalls?
  • Are you wireless access points correctly configured for maximum protection?
  • Where is two factor authentication (2FA)  best implemented?

Changing technology has driven the recent trend of increasing the convergence and integration of logical and physical security for data centers. Given the escalation of cyber-attacks and hacks on private businesses and even utility companies, it makes sense for more companies to develop a comprehensive security plan for their data infrastructure.  Learn more about physical and logical security integration for data centers here.

We would love to discuss how you can enhance and deepen your company’s data center security provisions. Contact Us here at your convenience to get started with a conversation. Learn how Altus security consultants assisted a large regional healthcare provider with their security migration as one example of our capabilities.

Data center security consultants at Altus focus on 4 tiers of data center security strategy for more robust success - image

A robust data center security strategy features four tiers of security tactics


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