Business organizations generally look at a data center migration or relocation as a “problem” project. Organizations feel this way because of the daunting amount of planning and coordination required to accomplish the project. They know that data center migrations cut across every aspect of IT – and the rest of the business as well. This means a successful data center move requires a fully meshed data center facilities plan and an IT organization plan so the migration events are transparent to the “business as usual” activities.

Data Center Migration Services

Data Center Migration Services

Data center migration involves the movement of IT systems, applications, and infrastructure from one operating environment to another. This can be a private cloud environment, a shared (CoLo) facility, a different corporate location, or a brand new data center.

Data center migrations can be challenging but rewarding projects for companies looking to save money or to find better infrastructure options with more flexibility. Collaboration among IT groups is essential if the migration process is to succeed.

Each data center migration project involves a large amount of planning and coordination between multiple teams such as networking, storage, information security, application support & development, server administrators, and IT management.

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Data Center Transition Risks

This makes a data center migration the IT equivalent of open-heart surgery. Data center migrations & relocations are high-risk projects from a business point of view, particularly to businesses with mission-critical customer-facing online applications. Any risk that gets realized will probably cause a significant systems outage that results in lost revenue or lost customers or, worse, both. This “problem” label can be removed with proper planning that utilizes available technologies along with proper project management and risk mitigation plans.

Another reason these migration projects are considered a “problem” project is that the amount of effort and risk associated with this kind of project is almost always underestimated. The amount of time it will take, the hardware that will be needed, the skills required to do the job – these issues always seem to be underestimated. This underestimation seems to be more the rule than the exception when it comes to data center relocations & consolidations.

Allow Altus to review your data center facilities plan, IT organizational plan, relocation assumptions, and your project estimates so that we can develop a Move Readiness Assessment to give you the peace of mind that your project is positioned to be a success for your company. We have vast experience in this vital area of I.T.

Successful Data Center Migration – The Altus Difference

Consistently meeting data center migration project timelines and budgets. All Altus clients and stakeholders have been successful in their migration projects and are completely satisfied. Our approach to data center migration project management is unique and often stays with the customer for future projects.

We provide a complete project solution covering everything from initial discovery and planning to the execution of a complete data center migration. We are able to engage with you at any level – for just a particular portion of the project or for the entire process from end-to-end.

Because of Altus’ data center migration process, we are continually being complimented on how we consider and engage the business perspectives of migration and not just the technology aspects. This produces a wholistic approach, rather than a technical focused solution.

Altus’ reputation is very strong and our client referrals impact decisions. Our pricing is competitive, our reputation is stellar, and our past performances with data center migrations & relocations speak for themselves.

Why Choose Altus?

lowest risk data center migrations

As a data center consulting team, we are focused on achieving the lowest-risk data center migrations and workload placement projects possible. While other companies have a much broader focus when it comes to data center projects, we truly are specialists at what we do.

We have 100% customer satisfaction. Gartner endorses us in this area as “on the short list” for data center migrations. We take pride in our methodology as the best data center migration specialists available.

Altus works with you and your teams. We are brand-agnostic. The Altus experts will work with whatever equipment and applications you have on-site.

We are small and efficient. We use fewer data center consultants on your engagement than the “Big Boys” and we provide continuity (the same team from start to finish). We pioneered the “Three Phase Approach” in the early 1990s which every company uses today.

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Move Risk

Migrating data centers comes with risks. Our team of professionals are experts in risk mitigation, and will be with you every step of the way. We will help you plan your project to minimize risks and to maximize functionality and validation.

During a data center migration project, potential performance slowdowns, incidents, and other issues could arise. With our experience, we can help you avoid those pitfalls. We will help you to be well-prepared and to have needed mitigation plans in place.

As you can see, there are many different types of move risks associated with migrations or consolidations of data centers. Some may include:

  • Move Method
  • Move Timeframe
  • Move Staffing
  • Move Change Management
  • Move Device Refresh
  • Move Network

Altus will help you and your team by assessing each of the unique risk factors within your environment (and project) and help you to gain confidence in planning the best and most cost-effective path to success.

Our Approach

The Altus method for data center migrations follows a four-phase project structure:

  • Roadmap
  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Execution


Phase 0


The Roadmap is used to give clients guidance on how to proceed and undertake the project, and to highlight areas in need of remediation in order to facilitate generating high project satisfaction with the end result.

The Roadmap is also used to determine the Workload Placement (target) for a data center migration to a new facility. This can be a new datacenter IT infrastructure build, a move to an existing datacenter, a colocation datacenter, or a data center in the Cloud.


Phase 1


The Discovery Phase focuses on understanding what is moving and what requirements need to be met during and after the migration/relocation project. Discovery reviews various migration strategies and determines which ones should be deployed for this particular migration.

What makes our method unique from our competitors is that we use a two-pass method in the discovery phase. First, we employ a “server centric” pass on your environment. Then we employ an “application centric” look at the environment. These two views are then correlated and any discrepancies between the two will result in a deeper investigation into the specific application or server that caused the discrepancy. The final output is a blend of application and server dependencies.


Phase 2


The Planning Phase is based on a planning methodology where three levels of plans are created. A data center migration is a very complex project where the complexity does not come from a technology perspective, as most would assume, but rather from an activity coordination point of view. All the activities executed during the migration project have related effects, which must be isolated from impacting business processes.

Our planning approach begins with a high-level transition plan, which determines how the migration will progress from a strategic level. The key element of the transition plan defines which technologies will be used for the transition to the target environment. The key elements of this plan determine the order in which things will migrate, what dates they will migrate (what we call the Move Event schedule), and what the size of the “migration window” will be, based on what your users have told us that they can tolerate.


Phase 3


The Execution Phase is where Altus assigns resources to execute the migration plan developed in the Planning Phase, trains the professionals in completing their assigned tasks, and finalizes any timing requirements. The key element in the Execution Phase is to ensure that all participants in the data center migration understand their role and responsibilities. We also make sure we have contingency plans ready should things not go according to plan.

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