Business organizations generally look at data center relocations as a “problem” project. Organizations feel that way because of the daunting amount of planning and coordination required to accomplish the project. They know that data center relocations cut across every aspect of IT – and the rest of the business. That means a successful data center move requires a fully meshed data center facilities plan and an IT organization plan so the relocation events are transparent to the “business as usual” activities.

This makes a data center relocation the IT equivalent of open-heart surgery. Data center relocations are a high-risk project from a business point of view, particularly to businesses with mission-critical customer-facing online applications. Any risk that gets realized will probably cause a significant systems outage that results in lost revenue or lost customers or, worse, both. This “problem” label can be removed with proper planning that utilizes available technologies along with proper project management and risk mitigation plans.

Another reason these projects are considered a “problem” project is that the amount of effort and risk associated with this kind of project is almost always underestimated. The amount of time it will take, the hardware that will be needed, the skills required to do the job seems to be always underestimated. This underestimation seems to be more the rule than the exception when it comes to relocations & consolidations.

Allow us to review your data center facilities plan, IT organizational plan, relocation assumptions, and your project estimates so we can develop a move readiness assessment to give you the peace of mind that your project is positioned to be a success for your company.