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In nearly two decades of working with both large and small clients, one thing became clear: planning for future growth is a problem many customers struggle with.

Customers wanted answers to questions like:

  • When will my current data center floor space be exhausted?
  • If we are planning to build a new data center, what percentage of unused space should I plan for 5 or 10 years in the future?
  • What factors are important for this kind of planning? Storage, CPU, and technology shrinkage? Business growth, server virtualization, and disaster recovery capabilities?
  • How can we estimate these factors of growth and shrinkage simultaneously?

Altus needed to assist our customers with estimating accurate answers for these questions. Your IT infrastructure’s future is on the line for these factors.

That’s why Altus has developed a mathematical model that allows us to project these factors out over several years – providing tremendous insights in to space and hardware needs before they become insistent.

We would be glad to help you with your data center planning. Make the task easier by using our unique Floor Space Estimator. Partner with Altus to get access to this very helpful IT estimating tool. Please see our other valuable data center services offered to our clients by visiting this page.

Data center floor space estimator designed by Altus

Plan for the future of your data center with Altus’ Floor Space Estimator tool


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