Project Description


This client was a nonprofit, multispecialty academic medical center that integrates clinical care and hospital care with research and education. It operates 1,400 beds on its main campus and 4,450 beds system-wide with an occupancy rate of 69%.  The organization is divided into 27 Institutes handling 5.1 million patient visits per year.

Client Environment

The environment consisted of 4,000+ devices running 300+ applications in a high-availability configuration for the majority of the applications.

The Challenge

Their data center move had to be executed in such a way as to present zero impact to the quality of patient care, while minimizing the disruption of any outside services. The application moves also had to be grouped logically around the types of support provided to the institutes.

The Solution

A detailed inventory of their data center equipment was gathered via existing repositories and was supplemented by a  physical audit of the data center.   The associated applications were then mapped to the servers by an extensive interview process and recorded into the Altus “Elemental”  relational inventory relocation tool.  The tool was then used to divide the applications into move elements and move groups.  Each move element logically related the application to the a particular function or service type preformed in support of medical center operations.

This division resulted in 15 move events and a relocation plan was developed for each of the events.

Critical Success Factors

  • Adopted a proven methodology and approach
  • Used a collaborative rather than directive approach
  • Brought in relocation experts and tools to minimize false starts and to maximize staff efforts
  • Worked vendor relationships to acquire additional expertise in key technologies
  • Minimized physical moves and maximized virtual/logical moves of servers and workload

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