Project Description


This company operates about 65 long-term acute care hospitals in 24 states, and about 285 skilled nursing facilities in 32 states. Services included long-term intensive care, respiratory services, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation therapy, and Alzheimer’s disease care.

Client Environment:

  • Their environment consisted of a variety of distributed equipment such as Compaq, HP, Sun, IBM.
  • The move had done in such a way that minimized disruption of IT operations. The move also required that the applications had to be grouped logically in the new data center.

The Solution:

  • A detailed inventory of their data center equipment was performed and the associated applications were mapped to the servers. The inventory was then divided up into move elements and each move element was sized to fit into the defined move events.
  • This division resulted in 10 move events and a relocation plan was developed for each event.

Critical Success Factors:

  • Adopted a proven methodology and approach
  • Used a collaborative rather than directive approach
  • Brought in resources to free up critical resources from day to day activities
  • Brought in resources experienced in data center relocations