Project Description


Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Clinic is a nonprofit, multi-specialty, academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. The Clinic runs a 170-acres campus in Cleveland, as well as 11 affiliated hospitals, 19 family health centers in Northeast Ohio, and hospitals in Florida as well as Nevada. Outside the United States, Cleveland Clinic also operates the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi hospital and an outpatient sports medicine clinic in Toronto. A Cleveland Clinic hospital campus in London, England, is scheduled to open in 2021. The Clinic has nearly 1,300 beds on their main campus and 6,026 beds system-wide.

Client Environment

The environment consisted of a variety of IT equipment from OEMs such as IBM, HP, Sun, Cisco, and EMC.

The Challenge

Consolidate 12 satellite data center locations into the newly opened primary data center. The data center consolidation had to be done with zero disruptions to the functions that the satellite centers supported.

The Solution

A detailed application map with dependencies was created for each satellite data center. Each application map was analyzed for synergies between each other and the primary data center. Using this analysis, the applications in each satellite center were then divided-up into move groups and each group was sized to fit into an existing maintenance window. This sizing sometimes caused the creation of additional groups. The groups were then organized into move events. A data relocation plan was then developed to control the migration of each move event.

Critical Success Factors

  • Adopted a proven methodology and approach for data center consolidation
  • Used a collaborative rather than directive approach
  • Treated the relocation as a business issue and not a technical issue
  • Brought in resources to free up critical resources from day-to-day activities
  • Brought in resources experienced in data center consolidations

Managing and executing the consolidation of numerous data centers into one central data center was well within the wheelhouse of Altus Technologies and our proven processes and level of expertise. May we assist you in handling your data center move or consolidation project? Please contact us here and let’s discuss your specs and requirements. Take a look at our other professional Data Center services while you’re visiting.