Project Description


This hospital is a public teaching hospital affiliated with Case Western Reserve University (CASE). Regionally and nationally recognized for excellence in providing comprehensive care to all people and is the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the region. Has an internationally recognized burn center and provides 13 inpatient and outpatient facilities throughout Greater Cleveland center.

Client Environment:

  • Their environment consisted of a variety of distributed equipment such as IBM zSeries, pSeries, Sun, HP, Compaq, DEC, CISCO, and EMC.
  • The major goal was to make the relocation of all IT systems a “non-event” outside of the IT organization while meeting all financial targets set for the project. THe project team was to develop strategies for hardware and network equipment relocations that would fit into existing maintenance windows.
  • This project included the development of the conceptual relocation plan for the new data center facility which included the relocation of several clinical applications without major disruptions.

The Solution:

  • To maintain the existing maintenance window, a twin tailed approach had to be adopted. Rack mounted servers were re-racked in the months preceding the move to allow rack move of the servers. Stand-alone servers were asset swapped to eliminate the physical movement of the large servers.
  • To allow a multiple week migration occur, applications were completely mapped to determine dependencies. This ensured that inter-dependent applications were moved together on the same weekend.

Critical Success Factors:

  • Adopted a proven methodology and approach
  • Used a collaborative rather than directive approach
  • Brought resources when needed and on a timely basis
  • Used mitigation relocation risks as the guiding principle
  • Leverage IT best practices in accomplishing the relocation