Project Description


CAS is a team of scientists, creating and delivering the most complete and effective digital information environment for scientific research and discovery. CAS provides pathways to published research in the world’s journal and patent literature.  Since 1907, CAS has indexed and summarized chemistry-related articles from more than 40,000 scientific journals, in addition to patents, conference proceedings and other documents pertinent to chemistry, life sciences and many other fields. In total, abstracts for more than 24 million documents are accessible online through CAS.

Client Environment

CAS needed to relocate over 850 Unix-distributed systems and associated peripherals, as well as an IBM mainframe environment.  Their environment consisted of over 85% non-IBM equipment.

The Challenge

The data center relocation had to be accomplished with complete transparency to the outside world.

The Solution

This data relocation had to be broken up into multiple weekends to meet downtime windows, in order to meet the requirement that the relocation was visible to their subscribers.

The IT infrastructure had to be divided into segments that could move within the downtime window and could operate via WAN connections while the data center workload was in transition.

Critical Success factors

  • Used a large pool of qualified resources to flexibly respond to customer requirements
  • Added extensive experience in successful data center relocations
  • Reduced the physical movement of equipment to a minimum
  • Worked vendor relationships to acquire asset swaps
  • Effective leverage of existing staff by the project team

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