June 2, 2021

Elemental is a data center services tool that we developed in-house here at Altus. It helps us and your company’s project managers to work together to organize and manage the components and application inventory used when executing a data center migration or relocation. It also contains modules that are used to control all aspects of the Execution Phase during the migration plan, including logistics and validations. Elemental tracks all the activities needed to yield a successful data center migration, while also minimizing downtime – an essential component to be managed for any organization that needs a data center to begin with! Using our project management tool will assist your company with planning the equipment and application migrations, as well as documenting dependencies. Elemental tracks the ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘when,’ and ‘where’ of a data center move, which is critical to achieving successful results. Elemental provides a web-based tracking dashboard that keeps executive management/end-users informed on the progress of their data center migration project.

Elemental also has a manifest system to manage physical movement and logistics during the data center relocation.

Plus, we designed Elemental to allow Altus to handle the virtually non-stop information discovery that arises from your existing data center during the Planning Phase.

Elemental by Altus for Data Center Migrations, Relocations and Data Center Moves.

Elemental for Data Center Migrations, Relocations and Moves:

  • Manages inventories of components and applications
  • Provides “Application Profiling” (can push out real-time data collection to application teams in parallel!)
  • Documents ownership and users/stakeholders as well as roles related to applications and data center infrastructure
  • Manages and controls the validation process (application Pass/Fail)
  • Documents the entire data center migration process and timeline
  • Provides a “Manifest System” for physical logistics (trucks, trips, routes, source, and target bar-code scanning, etc.)
  • Provides a project plan overview dashboard and audits both trails and reports
  • Is Web-based for easy access during a Migration Event

The best news about use of Elemental? As our client, your organization gets to keep all this data at the end of your data center project for security and evaluative purposes. Discover more about Elemental. Learn about our move methods here for data centers via a free white paper.

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