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Any data center move should be conducted as smoothly as possible. However, when the migration is for a healthcare provider there are special concerns that must be taken into account: continuity of service, having zero impact on patient care, and the management of complex, multifaceted systems.

Client Overview

Two such moves showcase Altus’ ability to provide top-tier service to their clients during a data center migration. The first client, a nonprofit medical center operating 4,450 beds system-wide with 27 Institutes handling 5.1 million patient visits per year, involved migrating an environment consisting of more than 4,000 devices running over 300 applications. The second client was a sizeable healthcare company operating more than 350 hospitals and nursing facilities in 32 states, with an environment consisting of various distributed equipment.

In both cases, Altus utilized a collaborative rather than directive approach and an established methodology to achieve a successful migration with the least number of move events possible. The approach included bringing in relocation experts and substitute resources in addition to working vendor relationships to acquire additional expertise in key technologies. Learn more by reviewing the case studies linked to below.

The Case Studies

Nonprofit Medical Center Data Center Move

National Healthcare Company Data Center Move