Elemental” is our relational database tool that has been developed by ALTUS over several decades. It codifies our data center move method while providing an organizing platform for the entire project.

Our tool runs in a VM either on-prem or in the cloud and has a web front-end.

Here is the main menu for our software tool Elemental:

Each sub-section contains rich details about the “Components” (Physical and Virtual Servers, Switches, Routers, Storage, etc.) and “Applications“.   Here is a detail screen showing a component called “Server One”:

Here is an example of an Application detail screen:

If your migration contains physical components that need to be relocated,  our Elemental move database has a “Manifest” system to help you manage the physical transport.  You can define Vehicles, Trips, Routes and use bar-code scanning to check components out of one data center and into the next.  All this detail is reflected on the Data Center Move Dashboards.

Contact us and we can setup a FREE, live demonstration of Elemental along with our Data Center Move Method that will help you to reduce risk and accomplish a successful Data Center Migration or Data Center Consolidation!