Data Center Sustainability Consulting

The standard figure tossed around by many industry experts regarding data center energy use for storage and transmission of data is 2% of total global energy consumption. Some find this statistic questionable, since according to the International Energy Agency, this stat has remained the same since 2015 while Internet users have doubled and planetary Internet traffic has increased 15-fold. Data centers are an efficient resource, but are they that efficient?

Meanwhile, digitalization continues to transform businesses and the Internet of Things continues to grow – these trends require energy, and energy comes from the world around us – one way or another. Gartner reports succinctly that “Business leaders are now under pressure from customers, investors, regulators and employees to do more on environmental sustainability, and sustainable business is seen as an opportunity to drive business efficiency and revenue growth.”

Given the amount of power required to keep servers, networking IT, security and cooling systems at maximum efficiency and utilization, it’s a smart idea to ensure that the data center you operate or with whom you do business is doing its part to advance sustainability in the 21st century.

Sustainability Consulting Services

Altus can help. Our Infrastructure Efficiency Architecture Review can help data centers understand their overall efficiencies and inefficiencies site-wide as the first step towards improving operations. Altus sustainability consults will:

-Review usage of servers, switches, routers, firewalls

– Review storage technologies

– Review current and future virtualization plans

– Review backup UPS and generators

– Review HVAC systems

– Review fire suppression systems

Altus also offers our PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness Study) – delivering a stand-alone report that rates Data Center power usage overall for deeper understanding. Lastly, our data center consultants deliver our popular Workload Placement Strategy – an evaluation for migration options to CoLo or Cloud which also determines what is left in the data center and its energy needs therein.

Knowledge is power. Allow Altus data center specialists the opportunity to share ours with your team to help improve data center sustainability initiatives for a better tomorrow. Speak to an Altus expert – use our easy form or contact us by phone or email as well and let’s have a conversation.