Our data center move method includes defining a solid communications plan.    As part of this plan, keeping management and other stakeholders well informed as to the progress of each “Move Event” (a time designated to migrate workload), we have developed a solid set of Data Center Move Dashboards.

Here you see depicted the details for event “S”  (Named for Support Systems in this case).  This event is complete (the dual green pie charts).

The pie on the left shows that 91 “Components” needed to migrate and are all complete – or 100%,  the pie on the right says that of the 51 “Applications” represented by those components,  all of them have passed validation.     This is exactly what a successful Move Event should look like!

During each move, this Dashboard updates in real-time,  showing the progress and if there are any issues or exceptions being worked.

For a higher level view,  this depicts all of the Move Events and their details and status:

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