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The Altus Method to Migration


If you find yourself in the position to have to figure out how to relocate your production data center,  perform a workload migration, migrate a DR data center or to [...]

The Altus Method to Migration2020-11-30T18:01:14+00:00

What does “Altus” mean?


  "Altus" is a Latin word which means "high, tall or deep". Altus Technologies then means "High Tech". We have technical IT architects with deep knowledge and project managers who will stand [...]

What does “Altus” mean?2020-11-30T18:02:56+00:00

Speaking the Language of Migrations


In our years of working with customers while executing Data Center Migrations and Data Center Relocations as well as mergers and acquisitions,  we have discovered that when a project team does not [...]

Speaking the Language of Migrations2020-11-05T22:39:24+00:00

What is the ‘Altus Method’ for Data Center Migrations


The Backstory Over 16 years ago, a company in Ohio that developed the worlds largest chemical database was struggling to untangle a very densely populated data center that was out [...]

What is the ‘Altus Method’ for Data Center Migrations2020-12-02T00:25:21+00:00

5 Data Center Migration Case Studies to Learn From


With an endeavor like a Data Center Migration, experience is the key ingredient for success. As a trusted authority on data center migration, Altus has served a diverse group of [...]

5 Data Center Migration Case Studies to Learn From2020-12-02T00:31:01+00:00

Data Center Migrations – Five Steps to Success


In this Study regarding Data Center Migrations, Gartner examined the following elements of a successful data migration: Initiation Risk Assessment Planning Execution Closure Finding that 70% of data center [...]

Data Center Migrations – Five Steps to Success2020-11-12T22:57:22+00:00

Keys to Success in Healthcare Data Center Migrations


Two Case Studies Regarding Complex Healthcare Environments Any data center migration or move should be conducted as smoothly as possible. However, when the migration is for a healthcare provider, there [...]

Keys to Success in Healthcare Data Center Migrations2021-01-18T14:46:06+00:00

How to Avoid Becoming the Next Data Loss Horror Story


Natural and man-made disasters are inevitable. Every business is susceptible to significant disruptions, security breaches and data loss that can affect a brand’s image, productivity and the bottom line. You [...]

How to Avoid Becoming the Next Data Loss Horror Story2020-11-05T22:34:02+00:00


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