If you find yourself in the position to have to figure out how to relocate your production data center,  perform a workload migration, migrate a DR data center or to otherwise migrate or merge two or more data centers,  you are in a unique position.

You could read that as “In big trouble!”,  but that does not have to be the case.   It is true that many IT professionals may not move a data center even once in their career and it is also true that if this high-profile project fails,  it could be a darker time for your career as well!

It does not have to be that way.   Instead,  it could be one of the best projects you have ever been privileged to be a part of.   If  things go well (on-time and under budget with minimum risk) many IT staff will find a new level of respect will have been achieved.   Large successful projects tell a wonderful story!   It is not uncommon to hear that successful migration projects are “Project of the Year” in many firms.   Techniques used in those projects help to shape IT departments in positive directions for years to come.

According to Gartner,  the single best way to achieve the “good” result is to bring in experts to help.

Altus Technologies Corporation has been doing this kind of project for 20+ years.   In fact,  it was our principals that invented the “Three Phase Approach” to migration that most companies use.    We of course have continued to enhance and refine this method year after year.     We bring skills, experience,  tools (Elemental Move Database) and templates.    Our unique Altus Method will ensure that your risk is minimized and your migration is successful.

Migration can be a leap,  but a solid method will give you a great place to land.

Let us help you to leverage your “unique position” with this project and make sure your “position” is secure!

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