Why should a company engage Altus to assist with a data center migration? That is a very good question. Experience is probably the best answer. Most typical IT staff will probably participate in fewer than one or two data center relocation projects in their entire career. This very complex project is not a common skill. Altus not only has participated in about three or more migrations per year, but has done so with great success – and – 100% customer satisfaction.

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That is an amazing statistic – ask our competition! This result is largely due to the development of the “Altus Method” for performing these complex projects.  As part of this method – Altus has developed several things:

  • We have specialized skills around consolidation and virtualization to reduce your cost and minimize your risk
  • Our team leverages deep technology skills from relocation consultants who have performed this complex work over and over
  • Our consultants not only follow our rigorous method – but have a key stake and ownership in the method – they have built and refined it over years of time
  • Altus has developed tools used in many relocations (Elemental and Elemental PM) which are powerful relational databases that track device and application inventory as well as the dependencies and validation requirements for each
  • We have created  templates for application inventories project management and risk mitigation
  • We are experts at facilitating technical work and are very skilled communicators to business groups, technicians and executive management
A Solid Approach
  • We treat each relocation as a business issue, not a technical issue
  • Altus will plan for the worst contingencies and execute the best possible solutions
  • We plan so that we make system performance a concern for the relocation
  • Our consultants understand and detail the risks inherent in the relocation
  • Altus ensures our customers know important details about what is moving (Inventory) and when (move events)
  • Our team relates application heuristics to the various logical and physical movement to understand how to segment the planning and movement into executable units of work (the famous “Move Element“)
  • Altus will apply dedicated resources to the relocation not just point-in-time specialists

What does this mean to our customers?

This means you get an expert that has a proven method that works to save you time, money and most of all give you the peace of mind that your business will survive a data center migration. Our favorite thing to hear is: “The migration went so well,  we didn’t even know it happened.”