In the data center industry, there are many considerations when it comes to building a new facility as part of company growth, client service expansion or disaster avoidance protocols. Geo/Political considerations are certainly a large part of that decision, yet budgets, logistics and environmental concerns also come into play.

Industry standards can surprise our clients when it comes to the ideal placement of new data centers. For instance, below are the top 3 locations in America for the building of new centers according to InformationWeek – a valuable IT resource in the information technology industry. We present this info to you in order to illustrate the difference between the perspectives of industry leaders and our customers. See if you agree with the findings.

  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with an annual operating budget of $9.7 million*
  • San Antonio, Texas, with an annual operating budget of $10.3 million*
  • Ames, Iowa, with an annual operating budget of $10.4 million*

Much of these rankings are based on the easier availability of land and labor over more populous regions outside of Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, etc. Electrical costs are also lower in more sparsely-populated regions, and threats of terrorism are thus lower as well.

You can read the entire article from InformationWeek here. You can also contact Altus if you’d like our help in determining the best location for your next data center placement. Our IT experts are ready to conduct analyses and provide strategic insights for the success of your business as it moves into the future.

*Figures are based on 2006 budgets.