As a trusted authority on data center migration, Altus has served a diverse group of clients across a wide variety of fields. With each new environment we encounter, we bring years of IT consulting experience in solving complex challenges to your organization. Below are case studies demonstrating the challenges and solutions we were able to deliver to our customers: 

Industry expertise averts risk to Healthcare Company

This client operates 65 long-term acute care hospitals and 285 nursing facilities across 32 states. Altus provided experienced data center move experts to avoid any IT disruption during data center move while logically organizing their new facility to meet future needs … More

Planning strategies avoid impact to Bank customers during data center move

One of the nation's largest financial holding companies needed resources to maintain operations during a data center move. Altus pre-positioned data center infrastructure and used a large pool of qualified resources to maintain day to day activities of current staff … More

Minimizing data center relocation risks for Global Manufacturing Conglomerate

A $6.9 billion global manufacturer of automotive, aerospace, marine, rail, and industrial supplies with 40,000 employees located in 36 countries needed to plan and execute a complete data center relocation. Altus adopted a proven methodology of collaboration to mitigate risk and successfully migrate servers … More

Integrating Bank's knowledge with consultant experience

With assets of approximately $98 billion, this client is one of the nation's largest bank-based financial services companies. Their data center needed relocation expertise to augment exiting staff's knowledge of the bank with the knowledge of how best approach this type of project … More

Relocating Chemical Company data systems with zero customer impact

Since 1907, this client has researched, indexed and summarized chemistry-related articles from more than 40,000 scientific journals, totaling 24 million documents. The firm needed to relocate over 850 Unix distributed systems and associated peripherals so the relocation was invisible to their subscribers … More

Gathering detail hardware and application inventory in the Altus "Elemental" move data base tool helps with one of the largest Healthcare Relocations

The world's premiere heart and vascular institute and healthcare system needed to maintain complete uptime during this very large healthcare data center relocation... More

Conceptual data center relocation plan make major Hospital move a “non-event”

A public teaching hospital associated with a major university in Cleveland, Ohio with the only level 1 trauma center in the region required a multiple server move without disrupting patient care. Altus provided a conceptual relocation plan for the new data center facility so migration of all IT systems was a "non-event" outside of the IT organization … More

Experienced resources mitigate Insurance Company's network latency

Providing protection to more than 1 million businesses and professionals globally, this 7th largest U.S. commercial insurer engaged Altus to mitigate network latency while planning a 537 server migration. We supplied resources with experience in data center relocations to supplement existing staff … More

Insurance Company's detailed planning drives successful migration

A firm with more than $135 billion in statutory assets was planning a data center consolidation project with equipment from a diverse group of vendors such as IBM, Sun, HP, CISCO, and EMC. Altus leveraged IT best practices and created detailed dependency maps to drive the overall data center move plan … More